Farine Progeo Pizza

We carefully select and meticulously blend the best wheats to create our flours for pizza professionals.
A range that reconciles tradition with innovation, with flours ideal for all processes, achieved through constant interaction with industry professionals

Progeo Molino Pizza “Classic” flours have been developed for professional use in producing the widest possible variety of pizza types.
Made from the choicest, most suitable wheats, aided by constant quality controls and production tests by industry experts. This range offers solutions to all the most discerning pizza chef’s needs.

Progeo Molini Pizza “Anema&Core” flours are dedicated to Neapolitan pizza artists,
catering to their needs and demands and indulging their creative flair. Versatile flours
for making original Neapolitan pizza with a stable raw material guaranteed to preserve the delicate balance of flavours.
For an unmistakeable, fragrant, light pizza, just as increasingly health-conscious consumers demand.