Human resources

Progeo Molini looks at companies not as abstract entities but as a union of the professionalism, passion and competence of many individuals.

Competence, passion and professionalism are indeed the hallmarks of all those who work in our company. Our quality control staff, laboratory technicians, millers, sales agents and store managers are all at the forefront of our business.

Each of us is guided by the pride we have in being part of the Progeo team and this is the reason why we strive every day to achieve our goal in helping you create high-value products with a guarantee of traceability, food safety and optimal technical performance.

One of the pillars on which we base this guarantee is the ongoing training of all our staff. At Progeo, training is not only a professional duty, but recognition of how much the company believes and invests in everyone of its employees and expresses our respect for all our customers.

We’re not just referring to technical training here. Our crowning achievement is the ongoing relationship that our technicians maintain with universities and research organisations.

Passion, enthusiasm, desire for self-improvement and great team spirit are the strengths of team Progeo Molini!