Relationship with our customers

Who are our customers?

Professional and artisan bakers, confectioners, pizza chefs and obviously, the end customer - these are the people who look after themselves and their loved ones every day by cooking with the passion one expects of a professional.

This daily relationship with all these people is the reason why Progeo Molini has developed flours that ensure optimal performance in individual preparations.

This is why our product range is so wide and categorised into lines dedicated for various uses.

Selecting the right flour to suit the right recipe is not always so straightforward. This is why our sales experts are qualified technicians, constantly up-to-date and available to our customers to help them select the right product.

As such, our Forno Bianco is much more than a simple laboratory for experimenting. It is here, within the old restored mill, that we organise courses, workshops and thematic workshops as part of our ongoing training, interactions and relationship with the sector’s professional operators.

This is where doubts melt away, questions are answered and the creativity of the pizza makers, bakers and confectioners is expressed and developed to give life to brand new and original creations.

With these customers in mind, we have dedicated the magazine “Sapere di Pane” which features information on the economy, finance, marketing and a number of other interesting and innovative topics investigated by experts in every sector to support the customer in the management of their business.

In addition to the magazine, Progeo has chosen to develop a digital communications plan using every channel available to promote the art of milling and the use of flour as a culture which opens the door to ever more structured and in-depth dialogue with the customer.