Different by nature, organic by choice

”Organic farming is not a return to the past and the simple nostalgia of our “grandmothers’ farming”. As we have seen, organic farming is the daughter of a different path which embraces contemporary science. Today it must be given the opportunity to continue its fundamental research: combining production activity with respect for the natural balances.”

(Piero Bevilacqua)


The matter of organic farming today revolves around science, socio-economic resilience, new markets and sustainable development.

This is the way in which Progeo Molini looks at organic farming, with deep attachment to the land, with respect for man and nature and in a scientific spirit. A new way of doing business, proving that profit and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

This is why for years we have been committed to organic production and support principles such as rural regeneration, non-predatory use of nature, food quality and, of course, health.

The relationship between the Italian market and organic farming only began to develop in the 80s with the modernisation of the agricultural system and the growing need for farming that combines environmental safeguarding with good quality and healthy food production.

It was in 1985 when Progeo technicians looked to the future and started a serious dialogue with farmers so they could provide an alternative technique to traditional farming, with a reduced use of chemical products in order to yield productions that were suitable for use by a more forward-looking industry, mindful of the well-being of consumers and the preservation of environmental resources.

In 1991 the Community Regulation on Organic Farming was finally implemented and over the next decade Progeo worked to promote and lay down the roots of organic farming, involving an ever-growing number of agricultural holdings. It obtained organic certification for Ganaceto milled flours and promoted the creation of chains with the leading agro-food companies.

We have been working in the organic farming sector for more than 30 years. It’s not just a fad but a choice that sees us leading the helm.