The Ganaceto mill

Our flours originate in Emilia Romagna, a region where agro-food cooperations and certified-quality products have always gone hand-in-hand, so much so that it has retained its record as national leader for the number of PDO and PGI products. In the Ganaceto Mill, we only grind the best wheat. What guarantees do you give you? Strict controls upon the receipt of wheat Separation and classification of wheat by similar characteristics Enhancement of the raw material according to the different approaches of the millers. Conservation by means of refrigeration, a natural method which doesn't use any chemical substances. Optical selector to integrate the cleaning and wheat selection phases. Control system for the entire production process capable of tracing and storing every stage from the grain to the flour. This approach means we are able to combine the solid expertise of our millers with modern technologies so that we can ensure our customers receive the highest quality product.