An history of men

Progeo Molini is a name that will take you back in time to mid-twentieth century Emilia Romagna when the organisation of the cooperation was established and the art of milling was likewise bearing fruit with a number of small businesses popping up and giving rise to a new lucrative market.

Wheat, flour, cooperatives. These three words are at the core of Progeo Molini and its history, but we are eager to show you that we are so much more because behind these three simple words lie our strength and our values.

First of all, we want to tell you about our members who chose to merge three major agricultural service cooperatives in 1992 to create Progeo.

Protecting the common good forms the foundation of our choices which allows even the smaller producers to compete on a market in which they tend to struggle by themselves. With thousands of partners, however, they can really grow and supply the highest quality product.

Today, Progeo is one of the sector’s leading cooperatives and plays a central role in the promotion and implementation of certified agri-food chains and in the development of products delivered by its members.

If people are at the helm of our company’s origin, they are most certainly at the helm of our operations, thanks to products that serve one single purpose: to allow the professionals to create bread, pizza and sweet bakes of the highest quality, and for the home cooks to bake to the same quality standards as the professionals.