More than 50 years of experience


The story of Progeo starts in Emilia Romagna in the immediate post-war period when the first Cooperatives were established as a matter of provincial significance with the aim of reviving farming and zoo-technic productions. It was these small entities that, through various subsequent mergers, gave life to Progeo as we know it today, safeguarding the original project and developing agricultural activity with industrial plants and high-level management. It was this merger of so many small entities and the sharing of projects and objectives that gave life to one of Italy’s largest agro-industry groups.





Progeo has a network of 35 collection centres where we collect from our members the raw material that we enhance through milling in our industrial plants or the direct sale onto the global market. By having the collection points under Progeo’s remit, the farmer is assured that his products are best placed on the market and thanks to specific cultivation contracts based on quality specifications, sees further rewards for his work. Total transparency and mutual ethical responsibility are the founding values of the cooperative, a winning combination for all involved, from the environment, to the farmers, the Progeo Molini brand, business customers and end consumers.



Quality between Heaven and Earth


Progeo is the largest service company in the Italian agro-zootechnic and food sector. This success was achieved by mainstreaming all companies presiding over the production process of flour into a single chain with one common objective: cultivating excellence at every stage of the production in order to deliver the highest quality and safety to customers



The production process


Progeo Molini coordinates and controls every step of the production process: from seed selection to agronomic assistance, from cultivation to collection, storage, and milling. Before it starts on its journey to becoming a Progeo Flour, the incoming wheat is subject to careful visual inspections and analytic quality controls.  All varieties of wheat are classified and divided before being stored. The wheat is then refrigerated to ensure the most natural method of preservation. Thanks to state-of-the-art mill technology, Progeo flour is ground and carefully sifted to enhance and preserve all of its natural properties. The mill is in Ganaceto di Modena and operates according to UNI ISO 9001-2008 quality standards and principles.



Human resources


Progeo Molini “quality” is guaranteed by our human resources: men and women, experienced specialists in various sectors, committed to achieving the dream of member farmers, “offering the customer the best quality in a transparent, genuine and sustainable way for all”. Progeo Molini brings together and drives forward the passion, skills and ongoing commitment to improve products and services, whilst also providing top-level technical support and professional growth for all protagonists who have played a part in its success, whether they be customers, member farmers, sales agents or Progeo Molini employees.



Raw materials


Progeo collects from its members a wide range of soft wheat from integrated cultivation programmes, developed with individual farmers. The geographical distribution of member producers, which goes from the irrigated plains along the Po to the hilly areas in northern Italy, allows for a wide spectrum of flavours, tastes and characteristics in the wheat, making Progeo Molini flours unique. Progeo Molini ensures food safety and protection by preserving the wheat with natural methods and the use of environmentally friendly agronomic techniques.


Progeo Molini's certifications

ISO 2000

ISO 9001

ORGANIC (BIO CE code A371)


ISO 14001





ISO 45001

Quality and environment safety policy