Progeo Molini

Progeo Molini flours present a range of proposals divided into several special lines:

  • The Whole Grain line is characterised by bran husks of varying size and by a wide range of alveograph strength.
  • The Industry line delivers bright white flours with a low ash content, perfect for fresh pasta and piadinas, in addition to special Personal flours, created especially to meet a customer’s needs.
  • The Multi-use line, established thanks to the great classic flours, such as Biscotto and Manitoba used by professionals to customise their recipes. 
  • The Alternative line, made from both durum wheat flour and corn flour, in various granulometric versions, both from rice flour and rye flour
  • The PROGEO ITALIA Flour Line 100% Italian grains, is a line that enhances productions for a market made up of attentive people to the environment, to one's own well-being and that of the family. Italian wheat means concrete sustainability, un healthy and genuine final product and further support for the local economy and our territories.